When thinking of all the engine modifications a vehicle can get, the first ones that come to your head are probably superchargers, turbos or dyno tuning. There’s nothing wrong with that as engine modifications in general are a fun and a cool way to make vehicles more powerful. What people may not know is that when thinking of cars and improvements you can make, a cold air intake may be the best way to go.

Cold Air Intakes Are Inexpensive

Cold air intakes are not that expensive in comparison to other choices and are easier to install other modifications. They do not add as much power but can help you in other ways that some of these other methods just cannot.

Firstly, let’s think of cars with a cold air intake similar to that of having a cold that clogs your head and in turn restricts your breathing. This is a fairly big limitation that is definitely going to impact the way you perform. Cold air intakes should be thought of as medicine that allows the engine to breathe through difficulties such as this. Cold air intakes move the air filter outside of the main engine compartment, allowing for cooler air to be sucked into the engine for a process known as combustion. This cooler air then brings denser air into the combustion chamber which translates into more power. The filters are also usually moved to the upper wheel area or to other areas that then allow more access to cooler and more free flowing air and away from the hot air from the main engine.

Increased Airflow

The benefits of cars with a cold air intake do not end there. Increased airflow is just another one of the great benefits of getting your car to have a cold air intake. When it comes to cars, the 2 words increased airflow is like music to peoples’ ears as it is what anyone is looking for when they are looking to have modifications done to their vehicle. Cold air intakes remove the need for a box surrounding the air filter and instead opt for the use of a large diameter intake tubes that are smoother and have less bends. What this allows is uninterrupted airflow in the engine!

Why do Cars Need Cold Air Intake