To effectively control the power in your car we are now at a time where electronic ignition systems are able to incorporate higher control over factors such as spark timing & fuel delivery. A complete map of variables can be entered into an ignition program.

What does ECU Remapping do?

ECU Remapping is a wonderful thing where factors such as air temperature, engine speed and even things like engine load is such that the precise management of engine ignition timing is now achievable and maximum rev range. In simple terms your engine is being altered to match the output of your car. It allows cars to be remapped to produce different power versions of the same engine to allow for better fuel consumption.


Who should consider ECU Remapping?

LSX Tuning recommends anyone that has had performance parts added to their car to consider a remap. To put it simply there are massive power gains to be had. Your car is now at a level where now that it is creating more power this means more stress & strain on it and things can start to falter such as the air flow sensors, pistons and bearing. Additionally, extra care attention will be needed for the clutch as you’ll find it’ll have a shorter life expectancy.