Exhaust systems serve a simple purpose –  push the spent exhaust gas out of a car’s engine. When it comes to high performance car exhaust systems, it’s really important to have a good exhaust system. This is because they have a direct impact on an engine’s power and overall performance. That is why LSX Tuning say that exhaust systems are pivotal to engine & car tuning & if you’re thinking of upgrading or modifying your system, pay us a visit.

Breaking Down Exhaust Systems

As with anything it’s always best to understand what it is by breaking it down. When breaking down an exhaust system, it’s best to start with the exhaust manifold. The remaining components of an exhaust system are the front pipes, the catalyst converter, the tail pipe & the muffler. If you’re looking for a simple tune up of the exhaust system, look no further than focusing on & upgrading the muffler. This is because it’s the easiest to deal with as all that’s being done is replacing your muffler with a high performance muffler. What results from this is known as a free flow exhaust system.


Call LSX Tuning

The exhaust is an interesting & complex system & there are a bunch of interesting factors that go into installing it. If you’re someone that has been thinking of modifying your exhaust system, LSX tuning are industry leaders & experts in car tuning.