The Harrop superchargers used at our Sydney location are a big part of the customization services provided at LSX Tuning. Instead of raving on about why the Harrop superchargers are the brand we go with at our Sydney work place, we feel the need to go into depth and give a background on how Harrop came to establish themselves as such a dominant name in Australia in order to make you aware of we have used their products for as long as we can remember.


Harrop History

The brand Harrop actually comes from the owner’s name – Ron Harrop. Harrop is a name that has been involved and associated with motor sports in Australia & beyond for a very long time, 1968 to be precise. What started off as a simple drag race with a modified EH Holden in which the Harrop Holden won launched a racing career. Something that Ron initially had no interest in was soon his passion

This is what led to an association with Holden and Harry Firth in the early 1970s. The deal brought lots of work and clients into the office where Harrop was soon able to establish itself as the gear to have for performance. In the early stages Harrop mainly concerned itself with long distance touring car races. The focus then became providing world class engineering services to as wide of a customer base as Harrop possibly could.

In 1993 Ron Harrop became the chief engineer for the Holden racing team and held it until 1999. What began as providing technical assistance led to Harrop making Holden the benchmark of the racing industry. This has allowed for the widespread use of some of its products like the Harrop Superchargers, our supercharger of choice at our Sydney workplace.


Where Harrop Is Now

Harrop has solidified itself as a premium and reputable brand in automotive circles. This maintained success has allowed Harrop to focus on other fields such as providing performance services & production parts for automotive to mining and even medical industries. LSX Tuning is pretty grateful for all of this as it couldn’t imagine not being able to provide customers with Harrop superchargers in our Sydney location.