LSX Tuning love talking about anything cars and the emergence of hybrid cars is no different. Over the last 10 years in the automotive industry, there has been a steady increase & obsession with the idea of hybrid cars – cars that are running on petrol but are also backed up by an on-board electric motor.

In 2001, the world’s first hybrid car, the Prius, was released in Australia. In the automotive industry it was hailed as a big first step and possible change in the way cars are looked at and built. This statement held especially true with the fact that oil is running out and cars do need an alternate way to run. Sure enough, fast forward to 2015 and hybrid cars and electric cars have both made a big print in today’s automotive world where the decision to whether people should get a hybrid or electric car is a legitimate thought process that goes on in someone’s head.

Is Now The Time To Buy?

The future of driving really does appear to be hybrid & electric, with cars beginning to adopt hybrid drive systems and range getting further. Fuel powered engines really do appear have their days numbered with Uber drivers in America using Prius as the car of choice. Hybrid cars are definitely not a passing phase as most big name manufacturers are now producing them. Due to the fact they’re more user friendly, people really will consider them as they don’t look different to normal vehicles. And so the answer would be yes, it is the time to buy.



What’s So Good About Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have lower fuel consumption and are more efficient than normal vehicles. When the car is idle the engine will stop and will use the batteries to keep the air conditioning running for example. Then as you begin to drive again the petrol engine will restart once again. The same can be said when going downhill, where the engine will shut down and the vehicle will run on electric power because the load on the car is low. Additionally, the feel in the car is slightly different, as you do notice when the car is in electric mode and the petrol engine cuts in.

While the higher purchase cost is seen as a deterrent, as time goes on and oil becomes less prevalent, the price may decrease let’s not forget that hybrid and electric cars are better for the environment