When people think of NOS, the first thing that’ll come to mind is speed & the Fast & Furious franchise. There is much more to NOS than meets the eye and the way the system is designed.

So What Is NOS?

nitrous oxide system (NOS) is an engine in which the oxygen that is needed for burning the fuel comes from the breakdown of nitrous oxide rather than air. Nitrous oxide systems allow for the engine’s power output to be elevated by allowing fuel to be burned at a higher rate than normal. A nitrous system is primarily concerned with introducing fuel and nitrous into the engine’s cylinders.

Types Of NOS

There are two main categories that nitrous oxide systems can be categorised into –dry & wet. Furthermore, there are four main sub types of a wet nitrous oxide system: single pointdirect portplate, and plenum bar. They all differ in their methods of discharging nitrous into the intake manifold a nitrous oxide system

Proper Installation of NOS

A lot of people wish they had NOS for the extra horsepower. They like the idea of an additional boost but it’s impossible to generate this power without extra oxygen. LSX Tuning love NOS but know that NOS needs to be installed correctly. When it is this allows for the NOS to run more efficiently and enrich its usage. This allows for more efficient nitrous injection that leads to increased horsepower gains without sacrificing engine safety.