Sports exhausts are a popular modification choice for people but there are often lots of mistakes made when it comes to choosing the size of the sports exhaust, as well as a bunch of other factors.

An exhaust should be based on the amount of air that an engine needs to expel out of itself. This always varies greatly with different engines, as some have turbo, some have superchargers & some just have highly tuned engines.

Tips For Exhausts

Essentially, the exhaust has to be balanced with the intake & engine capacity to give the best flow rate without increasing overall back pressure & pressure in general.

The following tips we have are as follows:

  • For engines that have less than a 1.6L engine, LSX Tuning recommend 1.5-2 inch pipes
  • Under 2.5L engines – 2-2.5 exhausts
  • Over 3L engine – 3 inch exhaust

Additionally, when engines are over 2.5L a twin exhaust system is a very viable option.


Best Left To The Experts

The shape of the exhaust manifold is also important. This is something best left to the experts such as us. To find out which exhaust application would be best for your car do no hesitate to ask us for our advice, we always love hearing from people and who knows, maybe your car will appear on our Facebook page after we have done it up!