High performance engine tuning is something we enjoy doing for customers. Here at LSX Tuning we don’t want to give you power, we want to give your car A LOT more power!


While you may or may not need the actual speed limits on your dashboard, acceleration limit is one of the things that really matter. Once again, your pre-installed engine control unit is the device in charge of acceleration. Since ECU controls the ignition, the only thing you can do in order to boost your acceleration is to change your engine control setting


Regardless of the speed limits on your dashboard, the actual speed limit depends on your engine control unit. Depending on your vehicle, the limitations can differ; yet, the truth is – no car can reach its dashboard limits without additional tuning. That is where the performance chips come in, as the reprogramming actually helps you to unleash the real potential of your car.


Another reason to tune your engine is pretty simple – to prolong its life. As with anything, a car needs to be taken care of and even if you’re not into giving your car a massive jolt that the above points touch upon, engine tuning is still a necessity in general.