A simple and straightforward process to upgrade your European car’s power and performance intake to put a smile on your face!

See how a custom exhaust and a dyno tune cranked the power up on this C63 AMG Mercedes from 236kw to 302kw!




Turn up your European car’s power and performance!

At LSX Tuning, we specialise in tuning and performance upgrades for all European cars. We accept all vehicle types and models such as BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VW, Porsche, Mini, Audi, Saab, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Jaguar, Lotus, Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Purr like a baby, sting like a bee

Typically we can advise on the right solution for your car based on what sort of tuning and performance and power improvements you are looking to get. We might just recommend a custom dyno tune to remap your car’s management system to increase the power. Or we you might like to consider a cold air (OTR) intake to increase the air into the engine or a custom exhaust system to help your car breath easier and make it purr like a baby… tiger.

Best equipment, best range of products, best advice!

At LSX Tuning we only use and recommend the very best equipment and parts to tune and upgrade your European car’s performance. We use the world class Mainline Dyno, which is at the forefront of performance measurement technology and is used by many racing car industry professional teams. When upgrading your exhaust to a custom exhaust we use Sydney’s finest- Hi Tech Mufflers, 35-years in the business of designing performance exhausts and typically we fit VCM OTR’s. The best pieces of kit for your European car!

About LSX Tuning

Girch Newman (owner and proprietor of LSX Tuning) has been modifying and tuning cars for many years. He owned and drove very sensibly a Mitusbishi Sigma factory Turbo (1 of only 500 built). He kept modifying and tuning it until it ran 10.5@125mph. That was is 1997.

LSX tuning has set the benchmark in tuning and modification ever since and holds a number of performance records, that Girch will happily chew your ear off about when you are down at his shop!