Why Use Quality Performance Upgrade Products?

We can’t stress how much you need to use quality products when upgrading the power and performance for your car and that they must be installed correctly. There is a very simple reason for this: Cheaper products can break. Broken parts can damage engines and damaged engines cost big bucks to fix. Some insight from Girch:

“For example, and we see this ALL the time, we had a SS in the other day which had cheap valves installed by another shop. They were maybe $180 valves. Unfortunately the SS’s 480-kilowatt upgraded engine, using those valves, cracked after only 8000km on it and the driver was left contemplating a re-build for his engine. The broken valve had clanked its way around the inside of the engine, causing damage left right and center. This would have been $5000 rebuild!”

So, when we say we only use and recommend quality products we don’t just mean we use the big name brands like VCM Performance parts, Hi Tech Mufflers or the Harrop Supercharger for our customers. We mean we use these brands on ALL the items we install on every job. For example, let’s just look at one section of the engine – The Valve Train (the components that let the gases in an out of the combustion chamber in the engine), we would only use and fit the leading TOP QUALITY performance brands including:

  • PAC Springs
  • Manley Springs
  • Oliver Rods
  • Callies Crankshafts

These top brands are a great start, but they ALSO need to be installed correctly. Believe it or not, if you don’t install these Valve Train components at the pre-load with the right angle, the right depth (to the millimeter!), at the right pressure, it will lead to sudden losses of power. Don’t worry, we know how though! So the bottom line is we use quality products for all the parts of your power and performance upgrades and Girch has over 20-years experience in what we would call “engine geometry”!

callies pac manley oliver